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Harvey Bremner

Our principle photographer brings a wealth of knowledge and creative flare to the team, constantly striving to make his images as unique as you are. He mainly concentrates on Corporate Photography including portraits, head-shots, event coverage and even Fine-art commissions. That said, he can turn his hand to any style of photography that you need.

Sehra Bremner
Marketing & Events Director

Our marketing & events director can offer you bespoke solutions to any type of campaign or experiential marketing program. From a product launch to a strategy and communications plan, her 20 years of global experience and an extensive list of preferred suppliers mean you can rest-assured that your clients will have the best experience possible.

Jamie Cottington

Our videographer, with a long career in the corporate world prior to this venture, brings a meticulous attention to detail in his work, ensuring your brand values are matched exactly. His passion is producing Commercial Videos, whether you want a short piece to summarize an event, to explain your business offerings or just to enhance your ‘about me’ page.

In this world of fierce competition, you have to set yourself apart from the next guy. Our work already speaks for itself, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this page. It is really the people that  you work with that make the difference. 

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