A new designer is out there making a statement!

This week we were asked by Alyssa Billings to shoot her final line of clothing from her fashion course at the Centre for Arts and Technology in Kelowna. The collection was entitled “Lovaly”

The theme was to show modern women in Victorian inspired clothing – this was somewhat out of our normal scope, but we always love to work with other creative minds, and when you are asked to shoot at one of the most beautiful venues in the Okanagan, you cannot really say no! Thanks Kirstin at Sanctuary Gardens for being a wonderful host yet again.

With one eye cast to the skies we started setting up – hoping that the elusive sun was going to show its face and help us get that dreamy backlit look that Alyssa wanted.  The sun certainly made an appearance and we were able to use it to full effect.

The final shots were a race to beat the sun going behind the mountains, but we managed to pull it off, even if our model was having to wade through the meadow in huge heels!

The shots were all taken on a 50mm at 2.8, we used a large silver reflector for fill. A little bit of warming up in post production and there you have it.

We hope you like them.


Designer: Alyssa Billings
Photography: Pinstripe Productions  http://pinstripe-productions.com/
Location: Sanctuary Gardens, West Kelowna, BC  http://sanctuarygardens.ca/
Bethany Sara – http://www.bethany-sara.com/
Amber Douillard – http://dejavumodeling.com/
Anna Lafortune

Pinstripe-21 Pinstripe-20 Pinstripe-19 Pinstripe-17 Pinstripe-16 Pinstripe-15


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