Their Fois Gras is the best in town!

Our two biggest passions are photography and food, so it is always hugely exciting when we get asked to shoot images for restaurants and wineries.

Waterfront Wines celebrated 10 years of serving up some of the best food in the Okanagan, and we were fortunate enough to be the team they asked to create imagery for their relaunched website.

Wanting to make sure we brought everything bang up to date, we sought out some interesting angles and used some of the amazing texture and design elements of the restaurant as the backdrop for the food.

Mark and the team were an absolute delight to work with and we are looking forward to the next project!

Their new website can be found at waterfrontrestaurant.ca


Waterfront_Wines_Headshots_Web-24 Waterfront_Wines_Headshots_Web-17 Waterfront_Wines_Headshots_Web-2 Waterfront_Wines_Food_Web-17 Waterfront_Wines_Food_Web-15 Waterfront_Wines_Food_Web-5 Waterfront_Wines_Restaurant_Web-16 Waterfront_Wines_Restaurant_Web-15 Waterfront_Wines_Restaurant_Web-7 Waterfront_Wines_Restaurant_Web-6

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